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The loss of a family member, friend or loved one brings a sense of grief, loss and change into all our lives. We wish to be there in whatever way we can to support people who are bereaved.

Contact with Priest or Undertaker

Once the priest or undertaker is contacted by a family regarding a death, arrangements for the funeral can be made.


Funeral Mass

The funeral mass is generally celebrated at 11.00 a.m., including Sundays. Family or extended family are encouraged to participate in the Mass by reading, reciting prayers of the faithful, and bringing gifts to the altar etc. This is arranged with the priest who celebrates the funeral mass. Music is provided at the request of the family and contact can be made with those who provide it through the undertaker or priest.


Month’s Mind and First Anniversaries

The family contacts the priest to make the necessary arrangements. For subsequent anniversaries, families are welcome to book an individual mass through the sacristan.



Graves cannot be booked in advance.


Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

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