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Congratulations on your decision to get married. The whole Christian community wishes to join with you and your families in celebrating this very special new beginning in your lives. We also undertake to assist you in every way we can as you journey to your wedding day and during your married life.


God is love is the centre of our faith. The sacrament of Marriage is where God blesses the union of a man and a woman in an unbreakable bond to mirror His love for us which has two qualities - it is faithful, and it is everlasting. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly. The Church is very serious about couples wishing to marry, that they understand what they are undertaking and that they give it their complete and utter consent.

When a couple wishes to marry in Newtowncunningham/Killea parish they meet with the priest  to fill out the Pre Nuptial Enquiry Form. The parish also expects couples getting married to undertake the Pre Marriage Course in the diocese which is run by Accord.

The diocesan agency ACCORD provides assistance to couples preparing for the sacrament of Marriage and for couples who may experience problems during their Marriage.

Please contact the Parish Office at 074-9156138 or by clicking the "Get in Touch" link below to set the train in motion at least 6 months prior to your intended date. It is also recommended that you fill out form of provisional booking which you can copy from this site.


A Holy Ceremony

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