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Bringing your child into God's Family

The parish congratulates you on taking this step into membership of the Catholic Church, whether you are an adult seeking to join the Church or if you wish your child to join our parish community.  It is not about one moment in time; it is about a lifelong commitment which is to be renewed every day and especially every weekend with the local parish community at the high point of the week, the Sunday Mass. You join a community, the parish, the Church.

Here in All Saints Church / Church of the Immaculate Conception, you are asked to meet with the Parish priest for a preparation session where the meaning of Baptism is discussed with you. It also provides the Priest with an opportunity to meet you before the baptism ceremony.

Occasionally we receive enquiries from people who live outside our parish who wish to have their child baptised in our church. We appreciate these enquiries but would insist that they notify their resident parish of their intention and to seek permission. We always encourage them to join the parish community where they live, where they will celebrate the Mass each week with their local parish community, where they will receive their education, and where they will receive the Sacraments of Penance/Confession, Holy Communion, Confirmation and Matrimony/Christian Marriage.

Godparents must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation and very importantly must be practicing Catholics who join their parish each week for the celebration of Mass. The Church wishes all parents and godparents to be exemplary role models for the people they bring for Baptism. 

Your initial enquiry will be welcomed by Fr Harkin at the parochial house on 074-9156138 or by following the "Get in Touch" link below.

Parents who wish to have their child Baptised must give at least three weeks’ notice and meet with the Priest in the week preceding the Baptism for Baptism Preparation.

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